Lili Xu Brandt Coaching

About Lili

I grew up in China and studied music and art as a child. Then later on I fell in love with math and decided to study computer engineering when moved to the US for university. In my late twenties, I found myself working for a multinational software company in silicon valley with car allowances and a company credit card in hand, but feeling something was missing.

What was missing was a sense of authentic living. I felt that I had spent much time “doing,” but not enough time “feeling.” It was as if I had trained myself to be a good singer, but I wasn’t singing my inner song.

A wake-up call came when my health started to deteriorate. I became gluten intolerant. In a western world, that’s sort of like intolerance to life. I knew I needed a change. After stumbling upon Steve Jobs’ Standford speech, I quit my job, let go of my green card process and returned to China.

I didn’t know what I should be doing, so I did nothing for months. Sometimes just sitting on the couch for days pondering whatever that came across my mind. In the hindsight, it was that “doing nothing” period that allowed me to “be,” to align myself with whom I really am.

When the inner world is aligned, the external world starts to reflect that rather quickly. Through an interesting series of coincidences, I discovered coaching, a profession that I LOVE and didn’t know existed. I went through a couple of ICF accredited ACTP coaching programs and soon started my coaching career. I now facilitate individual and group conversations around the world on inner alignment, on choosing an authentic life and having some fun! I have also become an affiliate of TNM Coaching, a pioneer coaching organization in the world.

Life now is no longer an inexhaustible series of incidents, but a playground, with every encounter, every conversation and every happening as pointers, or sorts of feedback mechanisms, to allow me to have a more joyously conscious life and to be more of whom I really am. And when I am whom I really am, I start to go where I truly belong. 

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” — Howard Thurman

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