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Power of Emotions

Have you been to a concert where each one of the band members is extraordinarily brilliant and together they just jam and have so much fun, rocking the house?

A good team is like a masterful band. While each team player is a talented performer, together they build something much greater than the sum of the individuals. How to create a collaborative team spirit while still allow each member to thrive his/her uniqueness to its fullest? The secret to that paradoxical challenge lies in the power of emotions.

Emotion is each person’s gauging device of his/her vibrations of energy. The energetic nature of our quantum world tells us what we send out vibrationally is what we get back. By understanding the power of emotions, we can calibrate our own energy level and get into a connected and resourceful state. That’s when each team member not only is empowered him/herself but also naturally focus on the good of others and the vision of the team. Chinese adage says 和能生财,meaning “harmony creates wealth.” When harmonious energy flows in a team, results follow.

This two-day seminar is designed for high-level creative teams to get the best of both worlds: unleashing each team member’s full potential AND creating collaboration as a team to produce results. Its cutting-edge concepts, tools and exercises will delight outside-of-the-box thinkers, doers and leaders. If your team is up for doing something authentically creative, this is the right investment for you.

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——拜耳集团 HR Director Lynn Wu


——东软集团 郭继旋

在上Lili 老师课的时候,能够感觉到老师读过很多的书,涉猎过各种方面的文学。她所讲述的双狭缝实验、情绪震动频率都很有意思,比一般课程上单纯讲调整情绪的理论方法有意思的多,也增加了我的知识。



——阿斯利康 Lucy Ding

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