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Once in a while you take that leap of faith. You know the risk of staying tightly in the bud is greater than the risk of blossoming. You branch off the beaten path and all of sudden you are alone. No longer there is the familiar cheering from the people whose expectation you’ve always managed to fulfill. No longer you know what to expect. Heck you might not even know what to do tomorrow, or next week or month… You are in the dark and the light at the end of the tunnel eludes you…

Congratulations! You’ve made that first step into the unknown, or some would say, into the transition period.

I know how that feels. I took the leap when I left the US, left a comfortable job with steady paychecks. It had taken me two years to make that decision and in the hindsight it was one of the best decisions that I’ve made ever. Since then, I started to truly LIVE, AS THE REAL ME. A whole new beautiful world started to open up in front of me. That transition has led me to a more authentic and happier life.

“Don’t shout your dream to the world; whisper it to love.”

During this transition time, you want to find yourself some loving support, someone who has faith in the power of dreams and also understands the paradox of change. Without exceptions we are all powerful creators and can shape our lives anyway by making conscious choices. There is nothing we can’t be or do or have. Choose the reality you would like to experience.  Dive into the power of paradox. Desire. Align. And then let go. Live truly and watch miracles unfold.

My transition coaching provides that nurturing space for you. It provides 3 to 6 months coaching with a 45 min conversations each week. Contact me for sample sessions and quote.

Lili has been brilliantly coaching the two of us via Skype since we started our business and went through some major life changes. Her coaching has been consistently marvelous and inspiring. After each session, we feel renewed with purpose and feel great.

Lili has a way of helping us to re-frame difficult situations into opportunities and find strengths where we might have seen weaknesses. She also can see a forest when we are talking about trees and vice versa and helps us to see clearly, too. When talking with her, we feel like we are surfing the high energy and optimistic waves of Lili’s reflection of our discussions and ideas.

Lili has helped coach us with our  business, marriage, and our dreams of community collaboration, sustainability and resilience through local economy initiatives. We just can’t wait for each coaching session because we are so excited to share our ideas and lives in the updraft and enthusiasm of Lili’s warmth and compassion.


Barry Disch, Licensed Acupuncturist


Marie Shieh, M.D. Family Physician

The Collaborative Medical Clinic, Inc.

Encinitas, California

My deepest gratitude goes to Lili.

In a time of major life changes I had the privilege to benefit from coaching with her. 

She virtually appeared behind me as an invisible support, then walked by my side as a friend or observed from a distant perspective. An attentive listener at heart, she skillfully reveals inner treasures and gently guides on the path. Every session contained a profound message, an eye opening insight or a pointer to the heart. I feel deeply touched.

Anyone who desires to bring greater clarity to one’s life purpose and direction will benefit from coaching with Lili.


Stefanie Schau, Yoga Therapist and Artist

Berlin, Germany

Lili是一个具有天赋的专业生活教练. 她支持客户更轻而易举的达到人生阶段性目标。她帮助我发现真我,启发我工作与生活上的灵感,并给予我在困境中坚持下去的信念. 她的教练使我能调节修复提升自我的情绪,让我在生活和工作上轻而易举的得到我想要的东西。每次与Lili沟通后,我都感觉事情变得格外的清晰,肩上重担变轻了。我认为Lili是最懂得聆听,最善于体会对方的困境与感受,并能够帮助引导出一条清晰的解决方案的教练。我很高兴能够有幸认识并与Lili交谈生活工作上遇到挑战机遇,并得到了很好的解决。

蕾蕾, 设计师

北京, 中国

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